May 22, 2022

Your Twitch Password Wasn’t Leaked in the Big Hack

Jerk published on its blog site about the security occurrence from October 6, 2021, and the company validated what the early reports suggested: developer payments and some Twitch source code were taken, however private user information was kept safe.


Remember the enormous Twitch leak that revealed all sorts of info, consisting of creator payouts? Well, according to Twitch, user passwords werent included in the hack, so your account is safe.

In the post, Twitch said, “Twitch passwords have not been exposed. We are also confident that systems that save Twitch login credentials, which are hashed with bcrypt, were not accessed, nor were full credit card numbers or ACH/ bank info.”

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Of course, its still worth locking your Twitch account down with 2FA and altering your password periodically to ensure your account is as safe as possible, but you dont require to fret about your account based on this specific leakage.

As far as the future goes, Twitch is taking actions to prevent something like this from occurring again. Often, these types of leakages help companies discover holes, and Twitch sounds like its using this as a chance to improve.

Jerk also said that it went through “a comprehensive review of the details included in the files exposed and are positive that it just impacted a little fraction of users and the client effect is very little. We are calling those who have been impacted straight.” That means that if you were affected, Twitch will connect to you and let you know.