May 25, 2022

Your Fitbit Could Help You Stop Snoring Thanks to This New Feature


Fitbit began checking a snore-tracking function previously this year, and its lastly presenting to Sense and Versa 3 watches. The new feature might help you figure out why youre snoring so much, however you need to allow it manually, as it features a few disadvantages.

Go to the Settings page of your Fitbit app and scroll down if you choose that you dislike snore tracking. You need to see the alternative to disable Snore and Noise Detect at the bottom of Settings.

To allow snore tracking on your Fitbit Sense or Versa 3, youll first need to subscribe to Fitbit Premium ($ 10 a month or $80 a year). Open the Fitbit app and browse to the Sleep page.

As described in the Fitbit app, the new “Snore and Noise Detect” function tracks all circumstances of snoring and the ambient noise level of your bedroom. Arise from these measurements could be impacted by outside sources, such as a TV or a snoring partner.

The Snore and Noise Detect mode likewise utilizes a fair bit of battery life. Fitbit suggests charging your watch to 40% battery life before going to sleep– a lot higher than you d anticipate to accommodate such a basic function.

Source: Fitbit by means of 9to5Google