May 22, 2022

Win an iPhone 13 case bundle from Smartish [Cult of Mac giveaway]

About Smartish
In 2011, the company made its first wallet phone case utilizing a fabric pocket to hold cards. Since then, Smartish has been making iPhone cases and stuff clever adequate to solve unanticipated requirements.
Based in Austin, Texas, the Smartish team is a jaunty, highly caffeinated and down-to-earth group of folks that take items seriously (however not themselves).
Case For Paws
Smartish partnered with the Austin Humane Society to support its mission of saving the lives of homeless dogs and felines, since every animal should have a loving house. For each pet-themed case purchased from Smartishs Case For Paws collection, Smartish will contribute 50% of the list price, which will help homeless pets find their forever houses.

The last bundle product is the $19.99 Crown Joule fast-charging cable (in the pink Im Blushing color). This reinforced, fabric-wrapped cable is strong and will not tangle.
This 6-foot, three-in-one cable television packs Lightning, USB-C and micro USB pointers. Its MFi-certified, so it will work appropriately with your Apple devices. And with its interchangeable suggestions, it may be the only cable you ever require.

This weeks free gift is for you if you simply got an iPhone 13. Popular case-maker Smartish is offering one lucky winner a bundle that will keep their brand-new iPhone protected, organized and charged.
Smartish makes affordable iPhone cases that individuals like, and the company racked up more than 30,000 luxury evaluations to prove it. This package includes three popular iPhone 13 cases and 2 essential devices.

Thin yet protective, the Gripmunk stands out due to its super-grippy texture, which means fewer drops for your iPhone. A beveled front elevates the screen to keep it away from rough surface areas.
Plus, the Gripmunk is MagSafe-compatible so wireless charging is a breeze. This is a strong option for an affordable yet protective case

Gripzilla with MagSafe armor case.
Grooved, textured sides make this case ultra-grippy. Photo: Smartish
Third up in the Smartish package free gift is the $24.99 Gripzilla with MagSafe armor case (in the Grey Area color). This case is among the more costly ones, and its called the “king” of iPhone cases since its the grippiest case available.
Gravity does not stand a possibility versus Gripzillas grooved sides and textured surface areas. The scratch-proof, MagSafe-compatible case is incredibly protective, with a difficult exterior and soft interior. And its raised edges secure the iPhones video camera and screen.

Give your bad iPhone a break with this easy-to-hold case if you suffer from the dropsies.
Cable television Wrangler magnetic cord organizer
Keep your cables nicely in place with strong magnets.Photo: Smartish
Next up in the package is the $19.99 Cable Wrangler magnetic cord organizer (in the Teal Me More color). This small pillow nicely holds all your cables in place with strong magnets.
It works great on a desk, nightstand or anywhere you wish to charge your iPhone without handling twisted cables. It even includes 3 magnetic collars to spice up your dull cable television

The ultralight iPhone 13 case is made from flexible TPU plastic. It uses severe defense, with air-pocket corners that act like air bags for your iPhone, plus camera defense and easy access to all your devices ports.

Crown Joule fast-charging cable television.
This durable cable will effectively charge any device.Photo: Smartish

This cases high-grip textured sides, which is a feature on all Smartish cases, suggests it will remain in your hands more easily and help avoid ravaging drops.
Gripmunk with MagSafe slim case
This cases extremely grippy texture implies less toilet fails.Photo: Smartish
The second product in this package is the $19.99 Gripmunk with MagSafe slim case (in the purple Youre Just Jelly color). The Gripmunk ranked as Wirecutters favorite standard iPhone case for every single model given that 2016.

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Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 card case
The Wallet Slayer holds 3 cards and cash safely.Photo: Smartish
Up in the Smartish package free gift is the $19.99 Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 card case (in the Black Tie Affair color). Regardless Of the Wallet Slayers minimalist feel and look, it holds up to three cards plus money.

1 card case (in the Black Tie Affair color). In 2011, the business made its first wallet phone case utilizing a fabric pocket to hold cards. Because then, Smartish has been making iPhone cases and things smart adequate to solve unforeseen needs. One fortunate winner will take home the package of three cases and two devices. Win a bundle of iPhone 13 cases and devices from Smartish