May 24, 2022

WhatsApp for iOS continues work on new message reaction feature


Formerly, WABetaInfo stated messages can have a limitless quantity of reactions however they will stop being counted when reaching 999 of them, after that, a “+” indication will appear. Another important piece of information is that reactions arent anonymous so in a group chat, people will understand who responded with what emoji.

The very first time we reported about this feature, WhatsApp had just carried out a message when somebody reacts to one of your messages and you were running a previous version of WhatsApp.

” You got a reaction. Update your version of WhatsApp to see responses.”

With that, users can be alerted (or not) by new reactions the exact same way they are with messages and groups notifications. Even though WhatsApp is working on this function, responses are still not offered for public beta testers to attempt it out.

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WhatsApp has actually been dealing with brand-new reaction functions for a minimum of a couple of months. Now, theres more pieces of proof relating to the development of this function.

WhatsApp has likewise been dealing with multi-device support 2.0, which will bring an iPad app and let users link to the app even without a web connection with their phones or with it off. Presently, public beta testers for its desktop app are currently able to join the multi-device beta program, which lets you use WhatsApp with as much as 4 gadgets matched without the requirement of a smartphone connected to the web.

As spotted by always-reliable WABetaInfo, the new beta version of WhatsApp,, brings the capability to handle reaction notifications with brand-new settings to disable them or alter their tone.

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