May 24, 2022

What Do “Serif” and “Sans Serif” Mean?

If youve ever been on the hunt for the perfect font style, there are 2 terms you have actually most likely discovered–” serif” and “sans serif.” Knowing what these terms mean will help you better understand what youre searching for.

Fonts and Typefaces

Initially, lets briefly discuss the terms we utilize to explain the look of text. What a lot of individuals refer to as a “typeface” is actually the “typeface.” For example, the classic Times New Roman is a typeface. “Font” is technically the file which contains the typeface. However, the majority of people utilize “font” and “typeface” interchangeably.

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What Is a “Serif”?

Sans Means “Without”.

Okay, now we understand what a serif looks like, what is a “sans serif” font style? If you know what the word “sans” suggests youve most likely currently figured it out. “Sans” merely implies “without.”.

Practically all typefaces can be classified as “serif” or “sans serif.” Both of these terms include “serif,” so lets start there. Here is the technical meaning of a “serif:”.

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Thats truly all there is to it! You can utilize this knowledge to more quickly discover the right font style. A serif typeface would be perfect for an official wedding event invite, whereas something that requires to be easily read or have a modern-day appearance would take advantage of a sans serif font.

A slight projection finishing off a stroke of a letter in certain typefaces.

Generally, whenever you see a little additional bit standing out from completions of a letter, thats a “serif.” What does that actually appear like? Lets go back to our old pal Times New Roman, which is a serif font.

You can see this font looks a lot simpler. Completions of the letters are cleanly squared off, it does not have any of that extra flair. Sans serif font styles are typically seen as more contemporary. Popular sans serif fonts included Helvetica, Futura, and Calibri.

Any font that has some type of protrusion or tail like that is classified as a serif typeface. Okay, now we know what a serif looks like, what is a “sans serif” font style? Any font that doesnt have actually serifs is categorized as a “sans serif” font. Sans serif font styles are usually seen as more modern. A serif typeface would be best for a formal wedding invite, whereas something that needs to be quickly checked out or have a modern look would benefit from a sans serif font.

Any font that does not have actually serifs is categorized as a “sans serif” typeface. It literally simply indicates “without serif.” Heres an example with another really common typeface, Arial.

All of those little extra lines are serifs. Any font style that has some kind of protrusion or tail like that is classified as a serif font. Some other popular serif font styles include Garamond, Cambria, and Rockwell. These typefaces are generally viewed as more “formal” looking.