February 5, 2023

Two Choices for Robotically Eradicating Decisions from Google Varieties

Previously this week a reader of
my newsletter despatched me an inquiry on the lookout for a solution to limit the range of events that a service option may be utilized on a Google Type. My very first tip was to strive the Google Varieties add-on referred to as
Choice Eliminator 2..

Selection Eliminator 2 is a Google Varieties add-on that Ive used for years to restrict the variety of events that an option can be utilized on a Google Type. The reply alternative stops showing on the shape when the limit is reached. For instance, if I produce a variety of alternative query like “whats your first option of winter carnival workout?” after which provide 4 reply decisions, I can then utilize Selection Eliminator 2 to exclusively allow reply alternative “A” to be selected 3 times earlier than it vanishes from the shape. In actual truth, that is precisely what I exhibit within the 2nd half of this video..
Choice Removal is one other Google Varieties add-on that might eliminate reply decisions from a Google Type as they get consumed. The difference between Selection Removing and Selection Eliminator 2 is that Selection Removing does not assist you define what number of occasions a service alternative can be utilized. As a replacement, Selection Removing simply removes a solution option as quickly due to the fact that it has actually been used one time..
In this video I show how each Selection Eliminator 2 and Selection Removing work..