April 1, 2023

Two Easy Ways to Blur Faces and Objects in Your Videos

Recording short video clips and posting them on your classroom or school site is an excellent method for parents and other community members to learn more about the great things that are happening in your classroom and school. When you do that you wan to make sure that youre not accidentally sharing something that shouldnt be public or showing the face of somebody who does not want to be in a public video. Thankfully, it is easy to blur faces and items in your videos before you release them for the entire world to see..

For several years YouTubes built-in editor has consisted of a tool for blurring faces and things in your videos. The editor has 2 blurring choices. The very first choice is “automated face blurring” which immediately discovers faces and blurs them. The drawback to utilizing that alternative is that it will blur all faces for the entire length of the video. Thats fine unless you wish to selectively blur faces or you desire to blur something besides a face. The other blurring option in the YouTube editor is to selectively blur. That choice lets you manually place a blurry box or oval over an area of your video. Both blurring options are shown in this short video..
Screencastifys just recently upgraded complimentary video editor also provides a simple way to blur faces and objects in your videos. In Screencastifys video editor you can choose to blur any face or things for as long as you like in your videos.