April 1, 2023

Twitter’s Privacy Feature Plans Include Option to Hide Your Old Tweets

Internal research study at the company reportedly discovered that lots of Twitter users do not comprehend the personal privacy essentials, like whether their account is personal or public, which triggers them to engage less on the social media network due to the fact that they dont know what other individuals will have the ability to see about them.

Twitter is preparing brand-new privacy-related features that supply users with higher control over follower lists and who can see their posts and likes, reports Bloomberg.

To counter this, Twitter will start triggering users to review whether their accounts are public or personal start in September. Its personal privacy group are also dealing with other potential changes including the ability to get rid of followers (as opposed to obstructing them), conceal liked tweets, and eliminate oneself from a public conversation.

According to Bloomberg, the plans are an effort to make people more comfy sharing and communicating on Twitter, and belong to what Twitter executives call “social privacy,” or how users handle their identities and credibilities on the social media.

Twitter has no timeline for some of the changes, while some features, like the archive choice, are still in the “idea stage,” however Twitter prepares to let people eliminate followers starting this month, and to let users eliminate themselves from conversations by the end of the year.

The strategies are stated to include an option to archive old tweets so that other users cant see them after a set amount of time designated by the account holder (such as 30, 60, or 90 days, or an entire year), along with the capability to edit fan lists.