April 1, 2023

Today Marks the 20th Anniversary of Steve Jobs Introducing the iPod

” With iPod, Apple has actually invented an entire new classification of digital music gamer that lets you put your whole music collection in your pocket and listen to it any place you go,” said Jobs in a news release. “With iPod, listening to music will never ever be the same again.”

Apples previous senior vice president of the iPod group Tony Fadell reviewed producing the iPod in an interview released yesterday.

Obviously, the iPod turned out to be one of the most crucial products in Apples history and, in addition to the original iMac, helped the business become effective again after it flirted with personal bankruptcy in the late 1990s.

Jobs notoriously pitched the iPod as offering “1,000 songs in your pocket,” and he unveiled the gadget by pulling it out of his own pocket.

Above is a picture of what Apples site appeared like on October 23, 2001, the day the iPod was revealed, courtesy of the Wayback Machine.

In what has actually become one of the most specifying moments in Apples history, today marks the 20th anniversary of Steve Jobs presenting the original iPod at a vanity press event at the City center auditorium at Apples previous Infinite Loop head office.

The iPod has actually given that ended up being a specific niche item for Apple, with the iPod touch being the only staying design available for purchase today after the iPod classic was stopped in 2014 and the iPod nano and iPod shuffle were stopped in 2017. As of this week, the iPod touchs item page is just promoted in the footer of Apples website.

Our news story covering the initial iPods statement is still live on our site, and the comment section on the story is popular for consisting of a number of unfavorable remarks about the device. One commenter described the iPod as “far from revolutionary” and another commenter composed “all this buzz for something so ridiculous!”