May 24, 2022

Take a Look Inside Valve’s Upcoming Steam Deck PC

While Valve was happy to show off the guts of the Steam Deck, the company doesnt recommend opening yours up when it arrives. The portable gadget is targeted directly at the enthusiast market, which suggests at least some portion of buyers will desire to get in there and tinker.

The Steam Deck is among the most interesting devices for PC players, as it brings portable gaming to the PC area. While Valve doesnt suggest opening a Steam Deck, the business showed off whats within in a brand-new teardown.

It appears like opening up the Steam Deck is as simple as unscrewing the back in a number of locations and after that hopping in. Valve displayed the custom-made thumbstick and how to take them out. The business says itll even use a method to get “replacement parts, thumbsticks, SSDs, and perhaps more” in the future.

” Even though its your PC, or it will be once youve received your Steam Deck, and you have every right to open it up and do what you want, we at Valve really do not advise that you ever open it up,” a Valve agent stated in the video. “The Steam Deck is an extremely securely created system, and the parts are chosen thoroughly for this product with its particular construction, so they arent really designed to be user-swappable.”


As far as whats inside the Steam Deck, we discovered that it uses an m. 2 connector for storage, and you can technically use an aftermarket SSD, though Valve doesnt advise it. In addition, its the smaller sized 2230 size, much like the Surface Pro X, so thats something youll need to bear in mind if you decide to buy a drive with a larger storage capacity.

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The first batch of Steam Deck devices are set to deliver in December, but thats for anyone who got in rapidly with their preorders. If you purchase one now, youll require to wait up until 2022 to get it.