May 24, 2022

Select-To-Speak Accessibility Feature on Chromebook Gets New Human-Sounding Voices

Plus, Google discussed enhancements to the screen magnifier, keyboard faster ways, panning, point-scanning, and more, which have actually gradually been added throughout the previous year as Google continues its efforts to improve ease of access features for Chromebooks and Chrome OS.

Select-to-speak is offered in the settings menu on Chrome OS, and as soon as allowed, users can highlight a section of text and manage the dictation in among several languages. With todays update, the function is readily available in 25 languages and numerous accents, with more to come.

via Engadget

Previously this year, Google added playback controls to the select-to-speak accessibility feature, and now, the business added 25 languages in more human-sounding voices. As a result, the voices should sound more human-like and natural, consisting of numerous with accents or different nuances.

Googles Chrome OS has a number of helpful accessibility features, consisting of Select-to-speak, a screen reader that lets you select specific text for the OS to read aloud. And while its a terrific function, today, Google revealed some updates thatll make it even much better for those with Dyslexia or learning specials needs.

According to the blog site post, Google dealt with individuals who live with dyslexia, educators, and more to establish brand-new voices that are much easier to understand. This should aid with reading comprehension, particularly in classrooms where Chromebooks are deployed.