May 22, 2022

See Through Your iPhone 13 or iPad Mini with iFixit’s New Teardown Wallpapers

Thats right, iFixit currently has beautiful teardown and X-ray wallpapers for Apples newest devices. And theyre fantastic. Apples capability to arrange internal parts is unrivaled, and the business even went through the problem to identify its A15 Bionic processor and new L-shaped iPhone battery.


, ifixit

You understand whats paradoxical? In spite of Apples bad performance history for gadget repairability, the business heads out of its way to make its items gorgeous on the within. And thanks to iFixits brand-new set of teardown and X-ray wallpapers, you can take pleasure in Apples excellent irony whenever you use your iPhone 13 and iPad Mini 6.

Examine the links listed below to download these wallpapers:

Source: iFixit

If youre utilizing an older design of iPhone or iPad, then iFixits got you covered. The company formerly launched teardown wallpapers for the iPhone 12, the iPhone SE, and more. Heck, you can even download teardown wallpapers for your Apple Watch Series 6 and M1 iMac!

I also suggest taking a look at iFixits detailed iPhone 13 and iPad Mini 6 teardowns, which expose some weird changes that Apple made in the newest version of its devices.