April 1, 2023

Photography expert Austin Mann pushes new MacBook Pro to its limits with incredible results

Image by Mann made from 100 stacked TIFF files on MacBook Pro

After Tanzania for his amazing iPhone 13 Pro shoot, Mann spent time in Flagstaff, Arizona “testing the new MacBook Pro M1 Max w/ 64 GB RAM and 8TB SSD!” Off the top, he stated, “This thing is nuts and I love it.”

Acting on his remarkable test of the iPhone 13 Pro cam in Tanzania last month, photography specialist Austin Mann has shared his review of the MacBook Pro with M1 Max chip. Spoiler, Mann concludes the new MacBook Pros “will considerably affect definitely everyone,” not just pros. Read on for a closer take a look at what Mann accomplished with the new notebook and the efficiency he saw.

Responding to a concern numerous will be asking, Mann thinks these notebooks arent just for pros:

Rendering this information was formerly not possible on the MacBook Pro and its going to be actually nice to have this screen power with me in the field as its valuable to understand what information is there and how far I can press an image.

So I opened 8 images into Adobe Camera Raw and utilized Photomerge to develop a huge panorama … this took place quickly and guess what, the battery life still revealed 100%.
At this point I sort of lacked alternatives so I went back to Cinebench to run the test again on loop … about 2.5 minutes into that test, the battery life FINALLY dropped down to 99%.

To get the battery to decrease even 1% heres what he did next:.

Mann also detailed his experience with the brand-new Liquid Retina XDR display:.

” Is the upgrade simply for pros or is it for everyone, too?”
My definite answer is: the upgrade in the M1 MacBook Pros will significantly impact definitely everybody … the battery life is not simply a little better, its on a radically various world. This machine remains cool and manages whatever you can toss at it, whether thats making a family picture album in Photos or rendering an animation in After Effects.

When it comes to changes, Mann had 2 dreams:.

While speed is constantly appealing, Ive been most curious about the efficiency and power management so I ran a few non-scientific tests … among them went as follows:
I charged the 16 ″ MacBook Pro M1 Max to 100% and then detached from power.
I ran an image stack in Starry Landscape Stacker on 100 TIFF files (150MB each) … it took 4m24s to render and battery life was still at 100% (the fan remained inaudible.).
Stacking 100 TIFF files (150MB each) took 4m24s.
Second, I ran a Cinebench test, which finished in simply a couple of minutes and still the battery was 100%.
Third, I returned the 100 TIFF image files and opened them into StarStax and processed a “Gap Filling” blend of all 100 TIFF files. This extensive procedure took another 2m36s and still the battery was at 100%.

In summary, the most excellent efficiency from brand-new MacBook Pro M1 Max wasnt just speed (it was about two times as fast) but it was remarkably efficient in how it managed both its power and heat which matters as much or more than pure speed.

After covering his thoughts on the return of all the I/O, sharing he is grateful to see the Touch Bar got rid of and more, he entered into testing the efficiency of the brand-new MacBook Pro.

In general, Mann was extremely impressed with the speed and efficiency:.

1) I wish the SD Card slot was similar to the slot in the Sony A1 which takes BOTH SD and CF Express. This would be truly handy for me today and I think more practical and helpful for a lot of imaginative pros in the near future.
2) Really dream there was a matte/non-glare screen option. Years back, this was a choice on Apples laptops and with the current Pro Display XDR “nano-etch” anti-glare choice, I was crossing my fingers we may see something comparable on the M1 MacBook Pro.

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