May 22, 2022

Nintendo Switch finally supports AirPods and other Bluetooth headphones

Its about time! Picture: Nintendo

Nintendo has lastly gotten around to providing the one Switch upgrade every user desired: The ability to pair AirPods and other Bluetooth earphones. And you dont need to buy a brand-new console to get it.

Its hard not to like the Nintendo Switch. It may not be the most effective console on the marketplace, however its brochure of outstanding Nintendo exclusives, its inexpensive price, and its hybrid design make it a substantial success.
And now the Switch has a brand-new feature (thats been available on every other console for many years) that makes it even better.
Nintendo Switch now works with AirPods
Nintendo this week presented a software application update that finally enables Switch consoles to be matched with AirPods and other Bluetooth earphones. Regretfully, cordless microphones arent supported, but its a start.
Heres what you need to know:

Nintendo likewise alerts “you may experience audio latency depending on your Bluetooth device.”
How to match AirPods with Nintendo Switch
To take benefit of this feature, first set up the most recent Switch firmware on your console. Then open the Settings menu, select Bluetooth Audio, then select the Pair alternative to find wireless devices in range.
You can then put your earphones into pairing mode. You can do this with AirPods by placing your buds in their case, leaving the lid opening, and holding down the button up until the LED light begins to flash white.
As soon as your headphones are recognized by your Switch, merely choose them to link them.

Up to two cordless controllers can be connected to Switch while using Bluetooth earphones. You can not link more up until your earphones have been disconnected.
Bluetooth audio gets disconnected throughout local interaction, like when starting a regional cordless multiplayer game.
One one Bluetooth audio gadget can be used on Switch at a time, however you can match up to 10 gadgets and switch in between them.