May 25, 2022

New Google Meet Settings for Google Classroom Users

For a number of us virtual conferences and online classes arent disappearing anytime soon. Google has reacted to that by gradually adding more features to Google Meet over the last eighteen months. The
most current features enhance handling of Google Meet within Google Classroom..

When you use the Meet link within Google Classroom trainees will be put into a waiting room up until you arrive through the Meet link in your Classroom, now. Additionally, trainees who are not on the class lineup will need to ask to sign up with the conference. All co-teachers for your Google Classroom are automatically co-hosts in your conference..
These brand-new functions will be presenting to all Google Workspace for Education users over the next number of weeks. You can read the full information of the roll-out here on the Google Workspace Updates blog site..
Applications for EducationThe point about students who are not on the class lineup having to ask to sign up with could cause some confusion for trainees who are and use signed into several Google accounts. A students who have personal Gmail accounts as well as school-issued Google accounts will require to make sure that they arent signed into their individual accounts when attempting to sign up with the Meet via Google Classroom.