March 27, 2023

MagPod combines sturdy MagSafe iPhone stand and deal with [Review]

Its made from ABS plastic, and is readily available in both white or black. Particularly for the white design, the look appears tailor-made to match Apple equipment like Lightning cable televisions.
The STM Items MagPod firmly holds an iPhone in your desk in a espresso store.Photograph: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac
In usage
I utilized the MagPod as an iPhone stand for a variety of days, and it actually works nicely. I can simply level my iPhone towards me after Im working or making a video name. Its as safe and secure as I specified earlier than, even with a cat strolling round on my desk.
It doesnt cost the handset, nevertheless the Lightning port is at all times out there so that you can plug the telephone in.

MagPod is a tripod, which quickly raises the inquiry of whether or not it might be utilized on images. Sure, perhaps kinda form of. Put the iPhone in portrait mode and also youre able to take video with the rear-facing lens. However you perhaps cant level the rear lens upward as an outcome of you potentially cant level the iPhone screen downward. And the stand extends into the nook of panorama photos.
On the go
When closed, the retractable mini-tripod is 6. The folded-up legs make a cylinder with a circumference of 5.5 inches.

And given that the handset and stand are gotten in touch with magnets, you potentially can put the display screen in both panorama or portrait mode. Or anyplace in between.
Broaching magnets, STM Items MagPod utilizes the MagSafe magnets built into the once again of the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 sequence. There are even more magnets within the stand so it and the handset cling collectively tightly. Thumping on it got t remove it. Heck, I can decide up the accent by raising the telephone.

You arent going to toss the MagPod in a knapsack and overlook about it. STM Items accent is much more transportable than lots of various desktop stands.
In addition to, the folded-up stand works nicely as a deal with. PopGrips are exceptional nevertheless you might get a severe grip on the MagPod. That may be a revenue when youve got restricted operate in thought about one of your arms.
The STM Items MagPod is a bit cumbersome when folded up.Photograph: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac
STM Items MagPod remaining ideas
A truly secure iPhone stand thats furthermore transportable is an uncommon factor– you generally have to choose on one characteristic or the opposite. The MagPod does each. Plus, the flexibility to position the iPhone display at any angle is a real reward.

Its a bit bulkier than I like, nevertheless thats the items exclusively real downside.
MagPod offers for $49.95 on the STM Goods website. And youll find it for lower than that on Amazon
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STM Items MagPod assessment.

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Comparable product
The Moft Snap-on Stand & & Wallet ($29.99) may be really, really transportable iPhone stand. It surelys not as protected or just about anywhere near as flexible as STM Items. The similar opts for PopSockets PopGrip for MagSafe ($30).
In the event youre eager to disassemble it (which isnt tough) the Twelve South Forté ($39.99) is fairly portable.
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No matter its portable nature, the MagPod is type of safe and secure when its open. The 3 legs have to do with 5 inches aside, and so that you arent going to unintentionally knock the stand over by bumping it. I attempted. And rubberized “sneakers” suggest it doesnt move– faucets on the screen got t transfer it.
The iPhone connects to a magnetic disc on high of the tripod. This strikes hardly, nevertheless if you turn the highest portion of the accent the disc rotates downward, allowing you to put the iPhone at any angle. It may go from utterly horizontal to utterly vertical.

The STM Items MagPod is a husky iPhone tabletop tripod that magnetically attaches to the handset. And it may probably do double obligation as a deal with. Utilize it for keeping an eye on your texts or making FaceTime calls.
I put the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 accent to the look at this assessment

The STM Items MagPod is a sturdy iPhone tabletop tripod that magnetically connects to the handset. Talking of magnets, STM Items MagPod makes use of the MagSafe magnets built into the again of the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 sequence. I utilized the MagPod as an iPhone stand for a number of days, and it truly works nicely. I can simply level my iPhone towards me after Im working or making a video name. An actually protected iPhone stand thats additionally transportable is an uncommon aspect– you usually have to choose on one characteristic or the opposite.

iPhone stands will not be generally designed to be portable. The STM Items MagPod is. It has three legs that open to develop a safe place to carry your handset whereas pointing the program towards you. Fold up the legs and youve got a comparatively rugged bundle which you can put in a backpack.
And it uses Apples MagSafe system so existing iPhone styles sturdily connect themselves.
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