May 22, 2022

It’s October Now, So Go Watch ‘LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales’ on Disney+

On the ghostly planet, the two heroes encounter Graballa the Hutt and Graballas mechanic, who discover one of Vaders faithful followers, VaneƩ. They then enter Vaders castle and are informed some verrrryyy scary tales about a range of grim figures in that universe.

As you probably thought, the special concentrates on the Dark Side of the Force. Its set just after The Rise of Skywalker film in Vaders castle on Mustafar and follows Poe Dameron and BB-8 as they make an emergency situation landing there.

And do not worry, if youre trying to find a Halloween thriller thats, well, really scary, check out our list of 31 horror movies to enjoy this month. Keep the kiddos away from those flicks, however.

Right on cue, Disney+ is now streaming LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales, its oh-so-spooky animated Halloween special. Disney had formerly teased the special on Twitter in August, but its now time to grab some treats, snuggle with a blanket, and press play.

Whats really scary, however, is the dark force thats hiding deep within the haunting castle and ready to break totally free. The characters will all have to interact, in spite of their distinctions, to leave alive. Sounds like the ideal seasonal movie to enjoy with the whole family?

through The Brick Fan