May 22, 2022

iPhone 13 Pro’s ProRes video mode not available on 128GB models

Those planning to purchase an iPhone 13 Pro for its ProRes video recording feature should know that the brand-new codec is not supported on 128GB designs. Youll require at least 256GB of storage to benefit from it.

ProRes is new to iPhone 13 Pro. Its the very same codec thats commonly used in the professional movie theater industry, and it provides video editors higher control over their recordings during the post-production procedure.
iPhone 13 Pro packs ProRes video assistance
ProRes goes well with some of the other cam improvements including iPhone 13 Pro, like its bigger sensors that allow more light, Cinematic mode, and the new Telephoto lens that now offers up to 3X optical zoom.
” iPhone is the only smart device on the planet to offer an end-to-end workflow– capture, edit, and share in Dolby Vision or ProRes,” Apple stated. If youre purchasing iPhone 13 Pro for its ProRes assistance, be warned.
Do not purchase a 128GB model
ProRes is not available on iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max handsets with 128GB of storage– the basic storage alternative. Youll need to pay a bit more to get at least 256GB of storage if you want to take benefit of this feature.
Apple does not inform us why, but its most likely due to the fact that the ProRes format– a little like ProRAW for pictures– takes up significantly more storage than other, more compressed video formats. 128GB most likely isnt going to cut it.
Theres another thing to be conscious of when it concerns ProRes. Its the only brand-new function on Apples site thats listed as “coming soon,” which suggests it will not be available when iPhone 13 Pro makes its debut.
Like other brand-new functions contributed to brand-new iPhone models in the past– including ProRAW– ProRes will likely be available in a brand-new software application upgrade later.

Purchaser beware. Picture: Apple