May 25, 2022

iOS 15 makes stealing another student’s class notes a snap

Clearly, this wasnt what Apple had in mind when it included this function to iOS 15.

students are starting to steal each others notes with iOS 15 and its … type of genius
— juan (@juanbuis) October 14, 2021

Obviously, this wasnt what Apple had in mind when it added this feature to iOS 15. It was thinking rather about making it simple to grab a copy what a teacher composed on a white boards so trainees might take note of what was being said. However anything that can be utilized can also be abused.

Suppose you glance around in class and see the person in front of you is taking way better notes than you are. An iPhone running iOS 15 makes getting a copy simple as pie without the hassle of asking approval– thanks to the magic of Live Text
A video of this taking place in the genuine world that was posted on Twitter is going viral. View it now.

Somebody could take picture of a classmates notes and then manually type out the text on their own. Live Text makes this process far much easier.

Copy someones notes with a * click * and Live Text.
The viral Twitter post from Juan Buis states, “trainees are starting to steal each others notes with iOS 15 and its … kind of genius.”

It shows the abilities of Live Text, a brand-new feature in iOS 15. This copies the words out of images and lets you paste them into notes, e-mails, etc.

A trainee snapped a photo of their schoolmates PC screen with an iPhone and is using iOS 15s Live View to copy the text. Screenshot: Juan Buis

As revealed in the video, its possible to surreptitiously snap an image of some elses computer system screen and then utilize Live Text to copy the class notes out of it.
Obviously, its been possible to do a fundamental version of this for numerous years. Somebody could take photo of a schoolmates notes and then by hand type out the text by themselves. However Live Text makes this procedure far much easier.