May 22, 2022

Influenza Archives – A History Lesson

Applications for Education.

The Influenza Epidemic collection on the National Archives consists of 10 files and six images consisting of the one that I consisted of in this blog site post. As I browsed the documents and images I couldnt help but believe of resemblances in between todays existing pandemic circumstance which of 103 years earlier..

The length of time do you think it considered people in Maine (where we live) to learn more about the severity of the influenza epidemic?
How do believe people living in 1918 felt about wearing masks.
What are the resemblances between the 1918 influenza epidemic and the existing COVID-19 pandemic?
How did the U.S. goverment react to the 1918 influenza epidemic? How is that different or similar from the action to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Mondays featured artifact on
Todays Document from the National Archives was ”
Nurse wearing a mask as defense against influenza. As is frequently the case with items in the everyday feed there was a link to extra info about the image.
images and documents about the influenza epidemic of 1918..

As I check out the documents (theyre all short) and viewed the images in.
The Influenza Epidemic I started to consider concerns that I would ask trainees to think about while they examined the artifacts. Heres a list of those concerns:.

Nurse wearing a mask as security versus influenza. As is often the case with items in the day-to-day feed there was a link to extra details about the image. In this case the additional information was a National Archives collection of