May 25, 2022

How to use Conversation Boost with AirPods Pro

This might be easier. Apple is dazzling with ease of access functions, however often setting them up needs a lot of actions, and Conversation Boost certainly does.
Reported at WWDC 2021, Conversation Boost is a way to use AirPods Pro to help when you are a little difficult of hearing. Turn it on, and when you are using your AirPods Pro, the microphone works to pick up discussion that is in front of you.

Apples latest hearing innovation is now available on AirPods Pro, and its easy to use– however unusually fiddly to set up.

Its not a hearing aid, its not as strong as Apples Live Listen, but it is an aid to conversation. It is a boost.

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You need to schlep through all of this prior to you can utilize Conversation Boost

What you need

You need to have AirPods Pro, it doesnt work with any other AirPods. Thats not a terrific surprise with the AirPods, however it is more unexpected with AirPods Max.

Its just a case of setting up everything, in the right order, and not getting fed up in the procedure.
How to establish Conversation Boost

On iPhone, go to Settings, then Accessibility

Scroll down to Audio/Visual and tap that
On the page that appears, tap Headphone Accommodations at the top
Turn Headphone Accommodations on
Tap back all the method approximately the top level of Settings

Choose Control

Scroll down to the heading More Controls, and try to find Hearing

Tap the green plus sign next to Hearing to add it to the Included Controls section

And you likewise have to establish all of this prior to you can use Conversation Boost

With each of the above actions done, put your AirPods Pro in your ears
Swipe down on your iPhone to get Control Center
Tap on the Hearing button
On the popup that appears, tap on Headphone Accommodations

Thats a great deal of tapping, but when youve done it when, you are set up. In future, switching on and utilizing Conversation Boost is going to be a much faster operation.
How to switch on and use Conversation Boost

Then on the Headphone Accommodations popup, tap Transparency Mode

Tap anywhere to come out of this popup, then scroll down
Right at the really bottom of the list of choices that now appear, there is Conversation Boost

Tap to turn it on or off

That is quick, when you get used to it. And it requires to fast, given that you wish to hear a whole discussion rather than the second half of it. In theory you could simply leave Conversation Boost on all the time.

In practice, though, its likely to decrease your battery power. Apple hasnt specified what the battery drain is, however the similar Live Listen takes a lot of power.
So Conversation Boost is an useful extra tool that assists you out when you require it.

When whatever is established, though, turning on Conversation Boost … still takes a couple of taps