April 1, 2023

How To Upgrade Your Mac to OS Mojave

hey what'' s up it ' s Jerad with State of tech and today we'' re gon na update a MacBook Pro to Mojave so this is gon na work for any Mac it doesn'' t truly matter what kind of Mac that you ' re on as long as it is able to accept this at this update and I ' ll provide a link down in the description below so if you do have an older Mac before you go through this process you can check to make certain that it is supported but Apple does an actually great job of supporting much older systems and from what I'' ve heard Mojave brings a great deal of excellent life and restored life to those older gadgets so naturally it'' s quite simple to upgrade to Mojave Apple makes it very simple however there'' s actually a safe method to do this you wish to ensure that you have a backup of your system and simply in discussions I ' ve had with a great deal of people and when I'' ve gone to help them with their max I know that not everyone has a backup going and what that indicates is that if there was any issue perhaps maybe the installation didn'' t go through and you had your computer system crashed or something like that you wouldn'' t have a backup you wouldn ' t have a way to get your computer back to the way that it was alternatively perhaps you don'' t like Mojave the manner in which it performs on your system and you wish to roll back to the method that it was you'' re absolutely gon na need to have a Time Machine backup of your system for that and it'' s excellent to simply be running a Time Machine backup anyways due to the fact that if you ' re a laptop computer if your computer'' s a laptop computer and it gets taken water damage something like that and you need to go and get a brand-new computer system or maybe it ' s an iMac or something it gets taken something occurs naturally you ' re gon na require that time machine back up to in order to restore your machine back to exactly where it was Apple does a fantastic task at this so we ' re gon na look at that procedure fine so today you'' re taking a look at my screen I have High Sierra operating on this Mac so it'' s been updated as far as it would go prior to Mohave therefore I have the App Store opened and this is where we'' re in fact going to download the new variation from of Mojave and after your last upgrade it might even offer you the option to turn on automatic updates so I'' m simply gon na state not now I ' m gon na hold off on this since we wish to run our time device back up first so what you'' re gon na require in order to do a time device back up is an external hard disk drive to plug into your computer system now I'' ve got a list of a number of hard drives that I prefer that I recommend down in the description below but you ' re gon na require among those in order to do this so there are a couple various tough drives you can choose the older style hard drives that have the spinning discs inside which are definitely less expensive and you can get large versions of those drives for an actually excellent rate or if you desire something quicker you can go with a solid-state drive such as one of these Samsung SSDs this is a samsung portable t5 SSD that'' s one terabyte so you ' re likewise going to require to make sure that the drive that you get has enough space to backup your whole system if you have a terabyte drive inside of your system you'' re gon na require a terabyte backup if you ' re on perhaps an iMac or something and you have a 4 terabyte drive or something larger within that iMac you ' re gon na require a backup drive that at'least has enough space to cover what ' s on your computer system now if you have a bigger storage quantity on your computer system however you ' re not consuming all of that area you just require a drive that ' s gon na be I have sufficient space in order to backup what you have on that computer so to learn what you'' ve got going on increase to your Apple menu decrease to about this Mac and then click on the storage tab and this is gon na tell you just how much you have readily available notice if I mouse over the grey space it says that I have a great deal of space readily available of that space and then naturally I can look and see how much as being used which'' s what you need a tough drive to cover so since this Mac I sanctuary'' t been utilizing it excessive it doesn ' t have a whole lot on here this process is going to be basic however for those of you out there that have been using your Mac for rather a long time you probably have a great deal of stuff on your system and you desire to make certain that'' s supported now one simple method to ensure that you'' re not keeping excessive things on your system which you have your essential stuff backed up so as your images and videos is to utilize google pictures so if you go to images google. com from your computer you can download the Google Photos app and enable that to run in the background using your gmail account or your Google account and it'' s gon na backup all photos and videos that you have actually conserved on your computer and it'' s in fact totally free to do that Google images does a light compression to your images simply to make sure that they'' re not taking up excessive space however in my just a number of years I guess now if utilizing that service the compression that they include is extremely minimal and the photos stay looking incredible I'' ve even printed some out after they'' ve been uploaded to Google images and they still look fantastic so utilize Google images it'' s free it ' s certainly much more affordable than using iCloud drive to backup all of your images that'' s another choice with the Mac is utilizing iCloud Drive and after that obviously buying additional storage from Apple so what I'' m discussing here though is not iCloud drive you can use iCloud Drive to backup your desktop and your images and your Documents folder and things like that but iCloud Drive doesn'' t really backup your entire system it'' s simply for supporting your files so in order to backup your system so that you have a way to entirely bring back that system ought to you need to you'' re gon na wish to utilize Time Machine backup and we'' re gon na walk through setting that up right now so I have a solid-state drive here attached to a USB cable and because I'' m on a newer macbook pro here that doesn'' t have USB type an any longer i need this adapter this dongle to convert USB a to USB C so I'' m gon na go ahead and plug that in and after that I ' m all set to plug my drive right into my computer system now if this is a brand name new drive that you ' ve never ever used prior to or it ' s not formatted for the Mac then among the things that ' s gon na occur after a number of seconds of it looking at that drive is time machines actually simply gon na turn up and say hello do you wish to make this your time machine backup drive so we'' re gon na see that pop up here in a second and there it is so it states do you wish to utilize new volume to backup with your time device now it'' s gon na say whatever the name of that drive is and this is gon na need you to format that drive so if this is a drive that you'' ve currently had for a while make certain that you have everything off of it because once you begin this procedure it'' s gon na format the drive which implies that your drive is gon na lose whatever was on it so you wish to make certain that you'' re not utilizing a drive'that you ' ve currently been using to backup other files or that you may have something important on I highly advise simply getting a dedicated drive to make use of for Time Machine backups so now I can choose secure backup disk decide later on put on'' t use or usage as a backup disk now if you don'' t see this message pop up it suggests that you have currently at one moment done a Time Machine backup and although your Time Machine backup might not be running any longer it'' s still it still presumes that you'' re you ' ve got it figured out so if this message doesn ' t reveal up then here ' s what you ' re gon na do so I ' m just gon na bypass this by'clicking choose later but we ' re going to enter into our system choices and in our system choices down towards the bottom pick Time Machine now I wish to pick backup immediately and it'' s gon na ask me to pick a drive now if you have actually a drive noted in here you can click select backup disk and just delete the one that'' s already in there or you can leave it and you can just begin a whole brand-new backup so I'' m going to click backup immediately click that new volume I'' m gon na choose secure since I desire this to be safe what file encryption indicates is that it'' s in fact gon na add a layer of security over your backup so that way if someone takes your backup disk and they go and attempt and restore their computer system with it which would basically provide a total copy of your computer system they'' re not going to be able to do so without this password so I'' m gon na go ahead and put in a password and i'' m gon na pick secure disk and it'' s gon na inform me that I am gon na be removing this disk now as I mentioned you want to be really mindful there if you'' ve used this hard disk prior to ensure that you ' ve taken everything off of it and copied it over to something else prior to you do this so now the process is starting and it'' s going to go ahead and crip that drive and then it'' s gon na start the backup procedure now if you wish to know when these backups are happening you can click the button down here that says show time machine in the menu bar so if I show time maker in the menu bar I'' ll see it up leading and when the back-up is actually happening it will be rotating and letting me understand that the backup is taking place nevertheless this is always gon na run in the background therefore there'' s truly no need to have that message up there I'' m just gon na go ahead and choose to disappoint it up in the and the menu bar I like to have my menu bar clean and normally what I would do is have this run throughout a certain time possibly I'' d leave my computer on during the night once a week or something when plugged in and it'' s gon na go ahead and run that but the cool thing is wants it'' s Ram that preliminary backup since the first time is gon na take a while particularly if you have a lot of stuff minimized your computer system the first backups gon na take a while after that it'' s just supporting things that have actually altered so the process is method much faster every single time and it'' s not going to take nearly as much time it will inform you on the screen after a minute or so of supporting the calculated time remaining so that you can get an idea of how long it'' s gon na take but what I advise doing if this is the first time that you'' ve done this and you have a lot of things on your computer is simply ensure that your computer is set to not go to sleep overnight and it will just continue to run over night leave it plugged into power and it will just run that back up overnight and probably by the time you get up in the early morning it will be ready to go in order to ensure that your computer doesn'' t go to sleep return to your system choices go to energy saver and then ensure that you simply select avoid computer system from sleeping immediately when the display is off and I'' m gon na go ahead and strike okay for that I'' m likewise gon na select untag will put tough disk to sleep when possible I imply that used to be a cool function when you had a spinning hard disk drive today that we have a lot of solid-state drives in our computer systems it doesn'' t matter so I simply kind of set that way so that way if I have things running in the background I wear ' t have to fret about it so while it'' s doing that back up and I advise allowing this backup to complete first but because I already have a backup of my computer I wear'' t need to wait on this process to finish next we'' re gon na proceed and we ' re gon na choose Mac OS Mojave from the App Store so make sure that you open the App Store if you wear'' t see Mac OS Mojave appearing in the App Store it suggests that you still have some other software application updates that you need to run so make certain to go to the Updates tab on the App Store and run any updates that you have offered beforehand I put on'' t have any updates that are related to Mac OS and so I could simply continue and move right along so I'' m going to click on Mac OS Mojave I'' m gon na click download and it ' s gon na download that in the background therefore turn on auto updates at this moment I'' ll simply proceed and say yes like I desire my updates to run automatically so go ahead and do that so now with it downloading it'' s gon na take most likely it states about eight minutes or so for that to occur due to the fact that it is a rather big file so I'' m gon na go ahead and quick forward do this process and then leap right back into the update process with you men so let'' s do that alright so'when it'' s ready and it ' s finished downloading you ' re gon na see the Mac OS Mojave setup screen so we'' re gon na click on continue click concur click on'agree once again we ' ll select our Mac hard disk drive and then click install will then require to verify either with our finger print or a password depending on what'' s readily available for your system and it ' s gon na proceed and go through the procedure of unpacking the set up file getting it ready and all that things so after what it states on my system about 15 minutes which any person who'' s ran a software update on a Mac prior to understands that can vary significantly after this wait it'' s gon na proceed and require a restart and often perhaps even a second reboot so you may see a black screen for a bit you may come back to your computer system switched off wait for a second for it to turn back on it actually never ever will fully turn off however that reboot process may make it appear like it'' s switched off so if throughout this procedure anything gets strange like it really does completely shut off go ahead and turn the system back on if it'' s been trying to set up for an extremely long time and nothing seems to have actually advanced the bars or something'' s frozen proceed and simply do a force shutdown and restart and generally you can do that by pressing and holding down the power button for a long duration of time the system will reboot and after that it should get right where it left off but this is where it'' s essential that we have that backup due to the fact that if something does go sideways and our procedure of updating to Mojave doesn'' t work then we might need to repair our system and that'' s where having an excellent backup is available in place so please make sure that you have an excellent backup in location all right so I'' m gon na go ahead and fast-forward to the point where this is done and I'' m ready to go and if there'' s anymore triggers of course along the way I'' ll reveal those to you so when the set up procedure is over you'' re gon na land on a screen that ' s gon na ask you to sign in with your password and then choose whether you desire the light or the dark appearance so I'' m gon na proceed and select the dark just because I wish to offer that a try and it'' s gon na go ahead and end up the setup procedure and then we'' re great to go so I ' m gon na strike okay on a couple little pop-ups and I'' ve got it opened my internet browser right where I ended and all that excellent things so let'' s have a look at what we have here so some applications may open and request extra choices like ease of access functions so if you require to do that it'' s just gon na request you visiting here and it'' ll walk through those things everything varies depending upon what software application you'' re using so I ' m just going to proceed and approve those and it appears like I am excellent to go here it'' s whatever is installed everything is working the dark mode is kind of cool it'' s gon na take some getting utilized to for sure but I absolutely like what I'' m seeing so far so anyways if whatever went according to prepare then terrific fantastic I recommend keeping your drive plugged in for that Time Machine backup there'' s gon na be a great deal of stuff now to backup so you ' ll desire to make certain that procedure happens again if you did have any issues and something went sideways you'' re simply gon na need to follow the instructions I'' ll put a link down in the description listed below that will reveal you how to enter the recovery area of your laptop computer or your desktop whichever Mac and after that you can restore using that time device back up so there'' s a link down in the description listed below for that too so that'' s gon na do it for this video my fans are running so I'' m gon na get going here begin utilizing this Mac and get a bit utilized to this Mojave experience but that'' s going to do it for this video if you discovered it useful give it a thumbs up and sign up for our channel here on state of tech we do a great deal of content teaching you how to utilize your innovation much better and we'' d love to have you along for the ride so thanks a lot for inspecting out this video and we wish to see you back here in the next one