May 22, 2022

How to See What Data Twitter Has on You

Twitter gathers all sorts of information on you, from when you produced your account and places you have actually been, to personally-identifying details such as your age, gender, and name. Heres how to see what Twitter understands about you.

What Does Twitter Know About You?

Twitter knows whatever you show it, and it gathers and stores the information you consent to let it store and collect. This information can be anything from your Twitter account info like your contact number and email address, your login history, your account activity, and even your interests.

If you wish to hear straight from the source what info Twitter has on you, you can have a look at its assistance page– but heres a summary for your convenience:

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Obviously, any Tweets youve shared on Twitter or personal messages youve sent out are saved too. If you want the details of this info, youre going to need to request a copy of your data archive from Twitter

Account details: Your basic account details, including your username, e-mail address, phone number, account creation information, birthday, gender, age range, and profile place.
Account history: Your login history details and any locations youve accessed Twitter from.
Devices and apps: The internet browsers and mobile phones connected with, and the apps connected to, your account.
Account activity: The people youve blocked/muted.
Ads and interests information: Twitter makes assumptions about your interests based upon different account and device details. You can see the Twitter ad partners whove added you to their targeted audiences.

How to Request and Download Your Data Archive

To a particular extent, you can handle which data is shared with or on Twitter. The info you share on Twitter, certainly, depends upon what you feel like Tweeting. The information you share with Twitter can be handled (once again, to a level) in Settings and Privacy > > Your Account

Twitter will send a verification code to your email address to verify its you. Go into the verification code and after that youll get a message saying the demand has actually been gotten.

You can ask for a copy of your data from Twitter. This enables you to examine what info you have drifting around out there so you can choose if youre comfortable with keeping it that way, if you d like to tighten your privacy on Twitter, or if you d prefer to just have everything erased.

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Handle Your Data.

From here, the steps are a bit various in between desktop and mobile. On desktop, just click “Download an Archive of Your Data” If youre on mobile, youll require to tap Account > > Your Twitter Data > > Download Archive.

Regardless of the device youre using, log in to your Twitter account. To a certain extent, you can manage which information is shared with or on Twitter. The info you share on Twitter, certainly, depends on what you feel like Tweeting. If youve chosen you arent comfortable with the quantity of your individual details thats drifting around, then you can erase your Twitter account. When you erase your Twitter account, all of your info will be immediately eliminated from the public.

You can request your information archive from either your desktop or mobile app. No matter the gadget youre utilizing, log in to your Twitter account. Once logged in, swipe right on mobile, or click the More button on desktop, to raise the navigation menu.

From there, no matter if youre on mobile or desktop, click or tap the “Request Archive” button.

Next, tap or click “Settings and Privacy” from the navigation menu.

Youll need to have a little bit of persistence, as it can take up to 24 hours (or often longer) to process your request. When your data is all set for download, Twitter will alert you through e-mail or a push notice (or both).

Twitter has a quite detailed collection of documents highlighting everything you require to learn about your privacy on Twitter. Carefully reviewed it to understand what your rights, and Twitters policies, are.

You can delete your Twitter account if youve chosen you arent comfy with the amount of your individual details thats floating around. All of your info will be instantly eliminated from the public when you erase your Twitter account. However, it takes 30 days for your info to be gotten rid of from Twitters servers.