May 25, 2022

How to see if your Apple Watch is backed up

You require an iCloud backup of your Apple Watch data when you relocate to a new iPhone, and the procedure is typically easy– but theres a catch. Heres how to understand for sure youve got a backup.

We had 7 backups provided, varying from 2015 to 2019– but not the one from two minutes ago. What most likely occurred is that the latest backup did not get copied approximately iCloud in time.
Perhaps there was some delay, perhaps there was something wrong, however it wasnt there in iCloud for the brand-new iPhone to retrieve. Whatever it was, it doesnt appear there is a way to go back to the original pairing and begin over.
However, there is at least a way to inspect that a backup has taken place prior to you start pairing with the brand-new iPhone. After youve unpaired from the old iPhone, check to see that the automatic backup has happened
How to examine a backup of your Apple Watch has taken place.

It takes longer than you may expect due to the fact that its doing more than you realise when you unpair your Apple Watch from your old iPhone. As just turning a switch to state its not linked to that iPhone anymore, it is also making a complete backup of all your Apple Watch data.
It makes it to that old iPhone, and it makes it immediately. You cant actually stop it making that backup
You might well question what information there is to backup like this, and there may not be much. Your option of Watch faces will definitely need supporting, plus the problems youve picked.
If you also have actually downloaded podcasts and music, they get backed up to the iPhone too. Thats what can make the effort.
When its done, youre notified and thats it. You go to your brand-new iPhone, get whatever else prepared on it, then begin combining your Apple Watch.
Throughout the process, you will be asked if you wish to set it up as a brand-new Watch, or just as you had it in the past. You get shown a list of backups if you desire it as before.
Getting your backup.

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With the Watch unpaired, open Settings on your iPhone
Tap on General

Find out from us. Before you even take your brand-new iPhone out of the box, unpair your Apple Watch from your old one.
You can do it later, and its really tempting to just get on with the iPhone. However pairing with a new iPhone is a remarkably vulnerable task and if you go off the advised course, it can go wrong.

Things are better now than they were with the initial Apple Watch, referred to as Series 0, however sometimes you can still end up with issues. You might need to loop around restarting both Watch and iPhone a number of times prior to it all catches on.
And you can also throw a wrench in the equipments by being a shade too quick to move in between phones.
This ought to not happen, this ought to not be possible. It is in some way possible to complete the pairing process of your Apple Watch to a brand-new iPhone, before the old iPhone has published your Watch backup to iCloud.
What must take place and typically does

Pick iPhone Storage

Scroll through what may be a long list, till you find Watch

Under the heading Documents & & Data, search for the list of readily available backups
If one is there with todays date, see

Keep in mind that for some factor the backups may not be noted in chronological order. So todays need not be the very first or last on the list.

How to inspect your brand-new backup has actually worked

What you can do next

Regrettably, this is a case where knowing what has actually taken place is not necessarily all that use.
In the finest of cases, you will see that your new backup has been done. In the next best case, you can see that it hasnt– but you can leave whatever alone for a while to see if it does.
If there has been some oddity with the supporting from the iPhone to iCloud, this might be enough to repair it.
But given that the only way to force a backup of your Apple Watch is to unpair it, that means the only way to back it up is to get rid of all of its data. So its not like you can re-pair a Watch to the old iPhone and get whatever back.
While these steps will offer you some reassurance that your Watch backup has actually occurred and has been copied to iCloud, its not the finest workaround.
Instead, make unpairing your Watch the extremely first thing you do before you begin moving from one iPhone to the next. That ought to offer iCloud enough time to overcome any temporary faults.
, if nothing works

When a backup doesnt work, its a pain. Specifically when you stare at that screen on your new iPhone, looking for a Watch backup that does not exist.
Eventually what it indicates, however, is that either you accept an ancient backup from years back, or you pick to establish the gadget as a brand-new Apple Watch.
Unlike the Mac, where its often worth starting afresh, theres no advantage to doing this with the Watch, no factor you need to elect to do it if you have the option.
All it suggests in the end is that for the next hour or two, or perhaps topped a couple of days, youre going to be setting that Watch up the way you like it. Starting brand-new Faces, for circumstances.
And also, regrettably, needing to schlep through every bit of including credit and debit cards to Apple Pay on the Watch.