May 22, 2022

How to Integrate a VoIP Phone System Into Microsoft Teams

RingCentral has been around for a very long time as an excellent VoIP phone system for little organizations and a powerful fax service, and theyve just recently begun providing their video call system as a standalone item, which is truly worth a look.

Microsoft Teams is an extremely popular choice for a communications platform, but what if you simply wish to make a simple voice call with your team? RingCentral incorporates straight into Teams to offer you the finest of both worlds: a first-rate VoIP system that works along with Microsoft Teams.

What were discussing today is RingCentral MVP as a VoIP system for your company, and how it can be incorporated into Microsoft Teams to offer you a smooth experience. You can not only make voice calls with RingCentral, but video calls.

Utilizing Google Chrome? The RingCentral Extension Is The Easiest Solution

If youre a RingCentral MVP client currently and youve standardized on Google Chrome, the easiest method to incorporate into Microsoft Teams is to simply use their Chrome extension, that makes it extremely simple to activate phone calls and video conferences directly from Microsoft Teams.

The best part is that the extension isnt limited to Teams– in truth, it works throughout all of Microsoft Office 365, consisting of in Outlook. The extension can:

Set up meetings natively from Outlook
Quickly call or SMS text contacts from the contact cards in Office 365
Make and receive calls directly from Office or Teams
View all RingCentral and Office contacts together
Click-to-call any phone number that appears in email messages
a great deal more …

Since Google Chrome is widely used everywhere, this choice works for a lot of people. Youre not limited to using an extension, so keep checking out for the rest of the choices.

Integrate The RingCentral App Directly Into Microsoft Teams

If youre a Microsoft Edge or Safari user, or you desire RingCentral to integrate into the mobile app, you can likewise incorporate the RingCentral app straight from the Microsoft Teams app screen. Just click to add an app and look for “RingCentral” and itll come right up.

If youve got a larger company or desire to install it throughout the board for everyone, you might wish to follow RingCentrals main paperwork, which will require someone with administrator access to set it up in Azure and give the right authorizations there.

You can explore your Teams contacts simply like you d anticipate.

If you d like, from the contact card you can even schedule a meeting in the future.

When you include the app and it appears on the left-hand bar, you can Pin the app for easy access going forward, which will definitely make it easier.

And from any chat or card screen, you can use the RingCentral icon or commands to trigger a conference or a call with a contact or team.

When you have everything set up– and its worth keeping in mind that RingCentral has incredibly valuable technical assistance individuals ought to there be any concerns– youll be able to simply use the dialer app to make phone calls directly in the user interface. This will launch the RingCentral application to finish the call.

As you can see, the features of this integration resemble the Chrome extension, however they work across all browsers. The primary advantage of utilizing the Chrome extension, however, is that you can integrate throughout all of Office 365, which is a bit better.

The very first time you open the RingCentral app youll need to go through the setup process, which involves finalizing into your accounts and authorizing everything. Youll need to have an account with sufficient approval to do this.

Its worth noting that given that were incorporating the RingCentral app into Teams, youll need to also have the routine RingCentral desktop or mobile apps set up on your gadget.

Enterprise Customer? You Can Upgrade to Cloud PBX For Teams For Powerful Native Features

This combination is a considerable upgrade to the native performance in the enterprise Teams phone system. Larger organizations that require advanced call routing, queues, recording, and analytics will have better luck upgrading to the Cloud PBX alternative, which incorporates totally under the hood with no add-ons or extensions required. Its the ultimate option for including a VoIP phone system to Microsoft Teams, and it utilizes officially supported extension systems in Microsoft Teams.

If youre running an Enterprise license of Microsoft Teams, you can update your RingCentral bundle to support a full Cloud PBX combination, which is substantially more effective, and upgrades the underlying calls performance within Teams to support the full functions of RingCentral.

The RingCentral PSTN services are available in 44 nations and in 16 languages, plus you can establish local and toll complimentary numbers in 110+ nations.