May 22, 2022

How to Change Slide Size in Google Slides

The default slide size (16:9) in Google Slides works for a lot of situations, however you might occasionally desire to alter the element ratio depending on the situation. There are a few presets, but you can also personalize the slide size.

Adjust Aspect Ratio in Google Slides

The Page Setup window will appear. Click the down arrow in the text box to show a list of slide size alternatives.

To change the size of your slides in Google Slides, you need to open the presentation that includes the slides you wish to resize. As soon as open, click “File” in the menu bar.

Next, click “Page Setup” in the drop-down menu that appears.

In the list youll see these options:

Changing the size of your slides is among the fundamental abilities you require to learn to master Google Slides. If you decide you d rather use PowerPoint, you can transform your Google Slides to PowerPoint and resize your slides there, too.

Regardless if you pick a preset option or set your own custom size, click “Apply” when youre ready to show the change to your slides.

Thats all there is to it.

Click the size you want from the list.

When seeing on a widescreen, Widescreen 16:9– This is the default setting and should be used.

Custom-made– Choose this if you need to select a size that isnt displayed in the list of presets.

Widescreen 16:10– This is another choice for when seeing on a widescreen.

If you choose “Custom,” you can go into the width (first box) and height (second box) of the slides. You can also pick which system of measurement to select from, with inches, points, centimeters, and pixels being your options.

Standard 4:3– Choose this element ratio if you plan to print out your slides or if somebody will view them on a mobile gadget.

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