February 6, 2023

How one can Annotate Historic Photographs on Jamboard

Purposes for Training.
Ive all the time been a supporter of using historical imagery to stimulate college students interest about historical past. By utilizing Jamboard you perhaps can share an image together with your university student then have them circle or spotlight the elements of a photo that elevate concerns of their minds. These questions can lead to class discussion and or be utilized since the inspiration for a quick analysis exercise..

In this brand-new video I exhibit easy approaches to use Jamboard to annotate historical photos. Within the video I utilized a picture that I discovered on Flickrs The Commons. The Commons is an excellent location to seek out historic imagery thats free to get and use in your classes and shows..

From magnetic poetry to collective brainstorming classes to mapping actions, there are
lots of ways to utilize Googles Jamboard in online and in-person classes. An approach that I like to utilize Jamboard is to have university student annotate images that I share with them. Specifically, I like to do that to have them include commentary to and reply concerns on problems that they find in historical photos..