April 1, 2023

HKUST Admissions Talk – Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management

Hello there. I would like to introduce you to a very unique program here at HKUST. This is the Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management where undergraduate trainees make two bachelors degrees. One in engineering or science and another in company, basic business management. This program is for trainee who are serious about becoming a technology leader or a business leader who is tech-savvy. This is me, I am Betty LIN here. I am a full-time mentor professors and likewise run the daily operation with the group of really dedicated staff. I bring 25 years of experience from Silicon Valley, R&D and also seeking advice from and running high tech business in this general region. It is our belief that youths who are passionate about innovation and management require to get exposure to real world obstacles as early as possible, so that they can apply what they can find out in engineering and business to the real world. We produce experiential knowing chances for students, dealing with world-leading companies in doing things such as consulting, and start-up innovation. Here Im going to reveal you next, a 53-seconds video on whats DDP. Why do we produce this program? As far as 16 years back, actually we saw the requirement currently way back then that companies who understand how to utilize innovation to drive their service are the leading companies and there is a shortage of products of such leading engineers, scientists, and likewise who are visionaries and ambitious and able to influence others. So thats our goal, to develop future innovation and organization leaders. As you can see in these research study, that there is a remarkable space for tech leaders who can motivate others and so thats why we produced whichs what weve been doing for the last 16 years. I want to present you to some of the students here. You have currently fulfilled them in the video. These are not stars. These are real students. And as you can see, they have enjoyable. They really enjoy establishing 2 sides of the brain. Theyre best ambassadors and also a very international group. There are at least 7 citizenships here in our associate. As a matter of truth, there are two brothers here. An older brother who brought his younger brother into the program. We did some soul browsing to comprehend what makes a tech leader trainee and what type of be successful in such a program. We discovered that these are the core values. This is the DNA of our trainees. First of all, they are passionate. They really are enthusiastic about both technology and company equally. They delight in doing a curriculum in science, engineering and organization running back and forth between 2 schools and establishing 2 sides of their brain and having two frame of minds and two skillsets. Next, these are students who are really passionate about doing a job well-done with quality. We continue to polish those abilities by having courses such as cases analysis or consulting and behaving learning how to resolve issue like an expert consultant. Next, Impactful. We desire our students not just succeed but actually make an impact to the society at big. We do things like pro-bono consulting. We build technology for those who have special needs. Next, Global View. We think future leaders need to embrace various cultures, various worth system and be versatile, so we bring them around different parts of the world to do innovation start-ups and we'' ll inform you more about that. What all these skills under the belt, become a leader is very natural. Also I will dive into a little bit of our yearly leadership abilities development. Our trainees they find out tech and management and for the tech part they have 11 options. Ten options of engineering and one options of Science in Biotech and then in company. So by establishing themselves in both sides throughout the whole undergraduate curriculum, they really are true company and tech people. Next management advancement. Management is something that takes self-confidence and it to be developed gradually. This is an example of how we establish our trainees in management. First thing they do when upon joining this program is we send them to a three-day two-night management survival camp. We toss them to Sai Kung. they jump in the river, conserve each other, have a good time and also establish friendship due to the fact that they just came out of high school, they put on'' t understand anybody. We have a lot more programs like this. The advantage about this program is we'' re likewise profiling our trainees leadership abilities and over the next 5 years every year when we meet with them, we build and provide them feedback on their holistic management development. Next, a little bit about how we establish our trainees professional skills. These are extremely high value abilities in important thinking, in problem-solving, and being able to persuade others, and we do this step-by-step. We simply begin with one-on-one basic issues. Then we do two expediency research study, two to four students. We do speaking with in a larger team and finally we do worldwide organization plan competitions, where students work with multinational, even graduate trainees from various universities. Here'' s an example where we do case analytical. Students master standard skills such as style thinking, how to write a business plan, how to utilize MECE framework. Next, expediency research studies. We use issue declarations proposed by our partners such as Swiss Bank UBS Bank, so our trainees start getting direct exposure to innovation such as block chain, AI machine learning very early on and likewise they likewise fulfill people, executives in business settings. Next we do speaking with. Due to the fact that I believe consultative issue resolving is among the most cross-industry abilities. So every term we have a different customer and we solve a various issue. No issue is the exact same. For instance this year we'' re doing Google. Were giving strategies to how to do offline to online e-commerce for five various industries. Next term, we'' re doing digital facade for ARUP, among the world-leading style business and they'' ve designed remarkable structures such as IFC and ICC. Our students learn more about these business effectively. They have inside connections at an extremely young age. Another one is one of our a lot of flagship program. This is the worldwide service plan competitors. It happens around the globe because we team up with universities from nations such as Germany, United States, and Brazil and we take turns hosting so we go to a various place every time. An example here, these are some of the places we have gone. Brazil, Shenzhen, which is a leading area for hardware, Czech Republic and next month, we'' re going to Brazil once again, to do assistive technology for the disabled while having a lot of fun. Strive play tough is among our core values, and making buddies around the globe, that give them a running start in life. From data it shows that our students not just do well academically however they have a choice. When you understand company and you understand innovation too you have lots of alternatives and you are in need by the industry. Our trainees, whether they study civil engineering or whatever is the background they in fact can go into any industry they want. They can go into investment banking, go into consulting, be a management trainee, or choose postgraduate degrees overseas and as you can see, as a matter of reality, they will shift, they will do move professions throughout their lives and these are a few of the examples here. Initially one is Jeff. Jeff is from the class of 2015. He selected entrepreneurship after graduation. Within 2 years in 2018, his start-up was voted one of the leading innovation companies by Times Magazine. This is an amazing accomplishment and it'' s due to the fact that he has a partner from Harvard with an MBA, an older partner. This is another example of our students, Sunny and Jovian. They are a Computer and Electronic Engineering trainees and worked in multinational corporations and investment banking. After 8 years, they picked to switch career and they went to startup. Today they have the No. 1 chatbot AI business in Hong Kong with great deals of company as clients already and having a really excellent time. Here'' s another example Swan Lu. She graduated from the class of 2011. Even though her degree was in Biology and Chemistry, she selected onto entrepreneurship which is development within the insurance coverage industry and she led a group to innovate for their insurance provider. Today she'' s at Harvard studying MBA, sponsored by her company. And my last example here is Shanshan. Shanshan is a civil engineer who is extremely passionate about contributing to the world so she chose to get in the business world, however after acquiring some experience and likewise getting a degree from Cambridge in Master'' s in Environmental Policy, she chose not to take part other nations however through her company, she goes to emerging markets, such as Philippines, and to add value to these developing nations. She'' s enjoying doing what she'' s passionate about. Finally if you find the story I'' ve given you to be intriguing, please join us. , if you come from a worldwide school or a local Hong Kong school you can come in and apply utilizing IB test ratings or JUPAS score.. Please keep in mind the due date and don'' t miss it. Due to the fact that our areas do get filled up rather rapidly, do goal from the early round. About JUPAS admission, these are a few of the subjects and after that the standard requirements and the cutoff. On our website, you will see that there is a formula for how to compute the admission requirement. Maths is times two, English is times two, so you can find out more about it on our site. For the trainees who haven'' t chose yet, you can join HKUST by signing up with one of the Schools first, such as engineering, science, wherever. You put on'' t requirement to declare. And after that after one semester and as soon as you'' ve chose you can come in using your grade point average from your very first year and after that plus an interview score and then join us in year two. For additional information, you can discover out or send us an e-mail or follow us on the social media platforms. Look forward to meeting you, thanks for your time, bye bye.

The great thing about this program is we'' re likewise profiling our trainees management abilities and over the next 5 years every year when we fulfill with them, we build and give them feedback on their holistic leadership development. Next, a little bit about how we develop our students professional skills. We do two expediency research study, 2 to 4 trainees. We do speaking with in a bigger team and lastly we do international service plan competitors, where students work with international, even graduate students from different universities. Trainees master fundamental abilities such as style thinking, how to compose a service strategy, how to utilize MECE framework.