May 24, 2022

Hands on with the new features of Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 has gotten here. While it isnt a big leap from the Apple Watch Series 6, it still has significant additions for upgraders and new users.

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Apple Watch Series 7 – The brand-new display screen

The new display is the most promoted feature of the Apple Watch Series 7 if Apples marketing cavalcade hasnt made it generously clear. The brand-new screen is twice as thick in the center, with a different taper on the edges.
Apple says that those smaller edges were to accommodate the bigger screen and to increase sturdiness. In our time so far with Apple Watch Series 7, we decided not to put that to the test rather yet.

What we did mess around with was how the larger display screen impacted our use and different apps. It is now 20 percent larger than Series 6 and more than 50 percent bigger than Series 3 (which is still readily available for purchase). Though all the existing bands will still work, sizes have actually gone from 40mm and 44mm to 41mm and 45mm.

The bigger display screen of Apple Watch Series 7 showing Infograph versus Infograph Duo

If youre using an app with a light background, its simpler to identify the larger face– but its not what you d call a giant difference. Where it does assistance is with utilizing the new QWERTY keyboard.

Complete QWERTY keyboard on Apple Watch

Weve been typing on Apple Watch for years, and it has actually constantly been a battle.
When sending a message or searching, only on the Apple Watch Series 7 can you use a full keyboard. It supports both tapping the letters and swiping in between them, that makes going into text easier than in the past. Its a pity that we needed this minute display change to make it take place natively.

Apple Watch Series 7 in its non-active state is brighter

The improved brightness is the most evident modification to the Apple Watch, year over year. Apple says that when your wrist is down, and youre inside, the watch face depends on 70 percent brighter in this non-active state– and it definitely looks that way in usage. Its much easier to see the time without needing to raise your wrist.

Apple Watch Series 7 – Power and charging

Enhanced charging speed– and not enhanced battery life– is among the flagship new functions on the updated Apple Watch Series 7. It states a lot about how important charging speed is to users while all at once talking to the absence of other brand-new features.
Charging on Apple Watch Series 7 is much quicker this year. Particularly, it is up to 33 percent quicker, with the included charger offering an 80 percent charge in only 45 minutes. Before bed, 8 minutes on the battery charger will yield eight hours of sleep tracking.

Apple Watch Series 7 charging speed

Green Apple Watch Series 7.

Only on the Apple Watch Series 7 can you utilize a complete keyboard when browsing or sending a message. The enhanced brightness is the most evident change to the Apple Watch, year over year. Apple says that when your wrist is down, and youre inside, the watch face is up to 70 percent brighter in this inactive state– and it certainly looks that method in usage. Charging on Apple Watch Series 7 is much quicker this year. Apple hasnt upgraded its charger accessories, and it likewise hasnt yet allowed 3rd celebrations to produce fast charging Apple Watch pucks.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is available for purchase from popular Apple resellers, with AT&T knocking $200 off at press time when you purchase two Apple Watches.

For the very first time, Apple has replaced every color of the Apple Watch Series 7 A minimum of in the aluminum product. Silver and Space Gray have been put out to pasture and replaced with Starlight and Midnight to the disappointment of many users.
Silver and Space Gray lugs no longer perfectly match but rather are just a bit off. Starlight has a minor amber hue, while Midnight has a tiny amount of blue blended in.

We have not had the ability to check this newfound speed much as of yet, as our time with the brand-new design has been restricted. That stated, none of our existing Apple Watch pucks support the brand-new faster charging.
Apples entire accessory collection does not support the quicker charging on the Apple Watch Series 7, provided that everything predates the new model, and there most likely isnt a way to allow it with a firmware upgrade. This consists of the MagSafe Duo, the costly Apple-branded Apple Watch magnetic charging dock, and the existing USB-C Apple Watch puck.
Accessory-wise, everything feels fragmented at the moment. Apple hasnt upgraded its battery charger devices, and it likewise hasnt yet allowed 3rd parties to produce quick charging Apple Watch pucks. Obviously, none of this is particularly brand-new, as iPhone users have actually been buying new cases each year usually.
Simply put, if you desire to quick charge, you need to use the puck that was available in package. There are no other choices in October 2021.
On the plus side, that brand-new Apple Watch charging puck now has an aluminum cover to it, replacing the plastic covering it had before all the method to the Aluminum designs. This is a step down for stainless-steel Apple Watch owners, however, as those models utilized to come with a stainless steel-covered puck.
Apple Watch Series 7 – Colors

The (PRODUCT) RED and blue colors are somewhat bolder and less pastel compared to Series 6 iterations. Green is a brand new color this year. While that green looks striking, it comes two years after Apple had the flagship green iPhone 11 Pro.
That new green color looks excellent with Apples new lineup of bands, including the Sequoia Green Leather Link.
Apple Watch Series 7 – Where to purchase