May 24, 2022

Google Search Adds Doomscrolling Support on Mobile

Google states that continuous scrolling is now rolling out for mobile users in the United States. As soon as rollout is total, the function should appear in your mobile browser and in the Google app.

Of course, people who tend to stay on the very first page of Search outcomes could find themselves scrolling down a lot further than usual. That gives Google the chance to slip more advertisements in Search without cluttering things up– of course, we have not had a chance to evaluate this theory, so take it with a grain of salt.

Okay, perhaps this one does not certify as “doomscrolling.” Most individuals find what they need in Googles first few Search outcomes, but according to Google, theres a large subset of individuals who frequently dig through 3 or 4 pages in Search. This update must assist those compulsive users discover what they need on mobile without pushing the “see more” button.

Source: Google

Constant scrolling is among the hallmarks of modern-day app design. You can scroll permanently on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to see a limitless stream of content, all without pressing a “See More” or “Page 2” button. And now, the Google Search app supports continuous scrolling, allowing you to turn concerns like “what can you finish with pumpkins” into hours-long doomscrolling marathons.