April 1, 2023

Book Review: The Illustrated Guide to Snowboarding

There is even an area on the ergonomics of skateboarding, covering the appropriate method to carry and ride a board to reduce the physical stress on the snowboarder. This also consists of explanations on the physics and mechanics of snowboarding. While not exactly needed for many people, this chapter works for individuals who are more technically inclined, like say, commercial designers who may be out to create a brand-new kind of snowboard.

This book is 336 pages long, and its first edition was released by the renowned book company McGraw-Hill back in 1998. In spite of being released 8 years back, to this day it remains among the most popular and sought after training books for snowboarders. No matter what your ability level, its guaranteed that you will gain from reading this book that is already thought about a classic “encyclopedia” in the sport by devoted snowboarding lovers.

Among the sections that a lot of readers will probably find useful is the chapter on snowboard care and maintenance. Where most how-to books devote footnotes or at best, a couple of pages to the care and upkeep of devices, Kevin Ryan in fact heads out of his way to compose an in depth complete chapter on tips for taking correct care of your snowboard.

Regardless of being released 8 years earlier, to this day it stays one of the most popular and looked for after instructional books for snowboarders. No matter what your skill level, its guaranteed that you will benefit from reading this book that is already thought about a classic “encyclopedia” in the sport by devoted snowboarding enthusiasts.

Reader evaluations and feedback on this book revealed that it has a great deal of useful drills featured that helped them improve their game tremendously after duplicated practise. The drills are composed in a step by step fashion that seems unclear in the beginning, however makes complete sense once you actually try them out. Additionally, the books coverage is all-encompassing, including ideas for start, to intermediate, to sophisticated skill levels.

Unlike some instructional books, this book does not look for to change the requirement for a trainer, however instead seeks to augment and broaden on the understanding acquired from dealing with a great competent snowboarding instructor. For those who demand learning everything from a book and doing it themselves, nevertheless, the books attention to information and exhaustive descriptions of the mechanics of snowboarding are in fact adequate to let them get by and teach themselves through practice and repeating.

Most expert trainers in snowboarding who read this book discovered new drills and skills they could teach their classes inside the newbie sections, so this books protection is quite comprehensive. The author knows that particular abilities can ONLY be communicated though actual practice and demonstration, so he goes out of his way to state when specific skills are best gotten through a snowboarding trainer.

Kevin Ryans The Illustrated Guide to Snowboarding provides one of the most helpful guides to snowboarding for people from any level, whether beginners wishing to find out more about the sport and get their methods sharpened, up to trainers and professionals seeking to more hone their skills on the slope.

The approach taken by the author is both humorous and clinical, utilizing small drawn illustrations to show drills and strategies. While there are couple of actual pictures involved, these hand drawn illustrations are amusing to take a look at and yet keep a good degree of precision in portraying the methods and abilities being shown. The author uses a great deal of jokes and quips interspersed with truths and the illustrations are also a mix of serious, factual ones and adorable, cartoony renderings of snowboarding things.

The books coverage is all-inclusive, consisting of pointers for beginning, to intermediate, to innovative skill levels.