May 25, 2022

Apple’s In-App Purchase Rules Are Anti-Competitive, Rules Dutch Antitrust Watchdog

The Dutch antitrust guard dog has been examining Apple given that 2019, and while the probe started out as a look into whether Apples App Store practices are an abuse of dominant market position, it was scaled back to concentrate on dating apps.

The Japanese FTC will carry out interviews and studies with OS operators, app developers, and mobile phone users, and will aim to create a report detailing OS market structure and the reasons that competitors “has stayed fixed.”

Apple is facing similar antitrust examinations and legal issues in several nations, including the United States. Sweeping antitrust legislation has been introduced, and earlier this year, the Epic v. Apple case led to a judgment needing Apple to enable designers to include “other calls or external links to action that direct clients to buying mechanisms, in addition to In-App Purchasing.” Apple will require to implement these guidelines beginning in December.

A final decision on the matter is under legal evaluation and it will be released laster this year.

In related news from Japanese website Nikkei, Japans Fair Trade Commission is releasing an examination into whether Apple and Google are leveraging their supremacy in the mobile phone OS market to eliminate competitors and limitation choices for consumers.

The ACM informed Apple about its decision on in-app purchases last month, and it was the first antitrust regulator to choose that Apple has abused its market power in the App Store. Apple has actually not been fined, however the ACM desires it to make changes to in-app purchase rules.

Tinder owner Match Group said that Apples in-app purchase were avoiding it from straight communicating with clients about payments.

Apples in-app purchase requirements are anti-competitive, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has chosen, reports Reuters. The ACM has ordered Apple to make modifications to the guidelines that require designers to use in-app payment options.