May 25, 2022

Apple Watch Series 7 to Come in 41mm and 45mm Case Sizes, Will Be Compatible With Older Bands

The 41mm Apple Watch Series 7 changes the 40mm Apple Watch Series 6, while the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 replaces the 44mm Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple hasnt launched full details on the Apple Watch Series 7 as of yet since its not set to launch till later this fall, however the brand-new Apple Watch bands that came out today verify that the Series 7 will be available in 41mm and 45mm sizes.

41 and 45mm size updates were reported, as was the considerable redesign for the screen, but the design of the Apple Watch itself came as a surprise. Numerous reports from Jon Prosser, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Bloomberg, and other sources recommended the Apple Watch Series 7 would see a flat-edged style comparable to the iPhone 12 models, however that did not occur.

According to Apple, the Apple Watch Series 7 offers 20 percent more screen area than the Series 6 with a 40 percent decrease in border size.

Rather, Apple highlighted the soft, rounded corners of the Apple Watch Series 7, which looks similar to the Apple Watch Series 6 but with a wraparound design that provides seamless combination with the body of the gadget.

In spite of the boost in size to 41 and 45mm, the Apple Watch Series 7 is suitable with older Apple Watch bands. New 41mm Apple Watch bands are backwards suitable with the 38mm and 40mm models, so the reverse should be true as well, while the 45mm Apple Watch bands deal with the 42mm and 44mm Apple Watch models.

Existing 38mm and 40mm bands need to work with the 41mm Apple Watch Series 7, and the 42mm and 44mm Apple Watch bands need to be suitable with the 45mm Apple Watch.

The brand-new Apple Watch designs have an edge-to-edge display screen with super slim bezels, finest highlighted in Apples image comparison of the Series 7, Series 6, and Series 3.