May 25, 2022

Apple Trade In adds iPhone 12 models: up to $790 for 12 Pro Max

Apple Trade In is one of the very best ways to trade in your old gadget, and every year, Apple waits until the latest iPhone models are announced before accepting designs from the previous year. Apple just included iPhone 12 models to the trade in program.

Prices are as follows:

It turns on and operates generally.
All the buttons work.
The video cameras work.
The body is without scratches and dents.
The touchscreen and back glass are intact.

MyPhones through 9to5Mac: $ 470 cash ( 512GB, unlocked, great).
Gazelle: $ 345 money ( 128GB, unlocked, good).
Gazelle: $ 376 cash ( 256GB, unlocked, excellent).
Gazelle: $ 499 money ( 512GB, opened, great).
Decluttr: $ 600 money ( 128GB, unlocked, excellent).
Decluttr: $ 640 money ( 256GB, unlocked, excellent).
Decluttr: $ 760 cash ( 512GB, opened, great).

Keep scrolling for a take a look at all the numerous trade in worths from our other partners, and make certain to read our complete list for pointers on what to do before trading in your old iPhone:.

Leading iPhone 12 trade-in worths.

While Apple Trade In doesnt constantly offer the top worths for older phones, they do tend to be the most flexible about hitting all the requirements for remaining in “good condition”. Their requirements are as follows:.

Excellent condition (max value) if all of the following apply:.

Some other sell sites might have higher requirements to get approved for various tiers of condition, although Apples “good condition” requirements are typically similar to those from others like Decluttr, MyPhones Unlimited, and Gazelle.

Top iPhone 12 Pro trade-in worths.

iPhone 12 Mini: Up to $400.
iPhone 12: Up to $530.
iPhone 12 Pro: Up to $640.
iPhone 12 Pro Max: Up to $790.

MyPhones through 9to5Mac: $ 375 cash ( 64GB, unlocked, excellent).
MyPhones through 9to5Mac: $ 450 cash ( 128GB, opened, great).
MyPhones via 9to5Mac: $ 500 cash ( 256GB, unlocked, excellent).
Gazelle: $ 363 cash ( 64GB, unlocked, excellent).
Gazelle: $ 370 cash ( 128GB, unlocked, good).
Gazelle: $ 454 money ( 256GB, opened, excellent).
Decluttr: $ 471 money ( 64GB, opened, excellent).
Decluttr: $ 500 money ( 128GB, opened, excellent).
Decluttr: $ 594 money ( 256GB, opened, great).

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