November 29, 2022

Add Voice Recordings to Google Types Questions, Reply Decisions, and Suggestions

The earlier design of Mote enable you to add voice recordings into the inquiry line. The as much as date model enables you to additionally include voice recordings into the reply decisions (for a number of alternative concerns) and into the tips part of the reply key that you simply create for quizzes in Google Types. All of these problems are shown in this short video..

Functions for Schooling.
Including voice recordings to Google Types has a whole lot of potential class makes usage of. You might furthermore utilize the voice recording option to have college students take follow to query prompts in a single language then develop the reply in one other language.

Mote is a Chrome extension that turned common this yr as an outcome of it made it straightforward for academics and college trainees so as to add voice recordings to Google Slides, Google Classroom, and Google Types. The newest change to Mote, went for present, enables you to add voice recordings not solely to the concerns in your Google Types however in addition to the reply choices and tips part in Google Types..