March 28, 2023

Add Feedback to Phrase Docs to Spark Dialogue

In this short video I show simple techniques to use the feedback characteristic in a shared Phrase doc so regarding add discussion queries to a replicate of a significant supply doc..

Last Monday I shared instructions for
utilizing Google Drive to include comments to PDF and guidelines for
using Formative to add concerns into main source documents. The thought in each circumstances is to make usage of these instruments to trigger dicussion and questions when studying significant supply documents with college students. This can be performed by including feedback to a shared Phrase doc..

Functions for TrainingWithin the video above I utilized the commenting characteristic so regarding include a query to a duplicate of a significant supply doc (a letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams). I did that as a way to spark dialogue and analysis by university student. In fact, you would in addition merely use the commenting particular to offer tips on a doc that university student share with you.