May 22, 2022

2021 iPad mini owners report strange display defects

Is your iPad mini seeing comparable issues? Images: Reddit

Not an extensive concern … yet
This does not seem a prevalent problem among 2021 iPad mini owners. Other have actually attempted reproducing the issue on their systems and report that their displays appear absolutely great. The list of grievances is growing.
Its unclear exactly what is causing the staining and distortion, or why it just seems impacting certain iPad mini units. Its unlikely Apple will discuss this openly, however we have actually asked the question.

This is the type of problem Apple is usually keen to fix right away with a replacement device. So, if you are experiencing it on your iPad mini, we recommend visiting your regional Apple Store to get your device switched.
Via: 9to5Mac

iPad minis Liquid Retina show not so best?
” On the majority of models this will take place in 3 areas along the top of the display screen,” the exact same user stated. They declare to have actually taken their device to an Apple Store where a Genius found the same concern on the demonstration units on display.

” Im experiencing this on my unit too,” added another. “You may be interested to understand though that Im likewise experiencing a lot more extreme, quite brilliant, cross-shaped comparable staining.”

” He was extremely stunned and mentioned that I ought to keep my eye out for a recall– he said he would not be amazed if there is one.”
The issue may have something to do with the iPad minis display rising versus the components that sit below it. “You can clearly see the speaker indent the LCD when pushing on either side,” another user wrote.

It seems “jelly scrolling” isnt the only thing plaguing some 2021 iPad mini display screens. A growing variety of users are requiring to online platforms to report odd screen defects that consist of staining and distortion.
” Push very gently on the screen and you will see distortion and staining,” one user wrote on Reddit, who had their initial 2021 iPad mini changed because of this concern, then found the same issue on the 2nd unit.